Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012...a year like no other will be.

And if it's true about the impending Zombie Apocalypse, make that less than a year!

I just realized that today is January 3rd. Do you know the significance of this date? It's my half-anniversary of crashing into a car at Ironman Korea! And no...I'm still not healed up. I did get a second ultrasound like a week or two ago. Things are at least more healed than last time. Patience.

So am I gonna be one of those self-righteous people who is like "I don't make resolutions because that implies I'm not gonna keep them" ??? Nah. Resolutions are like making a 30 before 30 list (which reminds me, I need to make a 35 before 35). You set out goals with the intent to get 'em done, but if life happens, there's not really a set deadline.

anywhere, here are some 2012 goals...or "resolutions" if you must:

1. Be less selfish.
2. Keep in touch more.
3. Pay off another credit card.
4. Do my first race walking event.
5. Resolve some health issues.
6. Be a good mom to the Christmas puppy.

What I didn't like about triathlon, and being a pro triathlete, was how selfish and megalomaniac it felt. Sure, I tried offsetting that feeling with various O&P missions, but it was always "I can't do this, can't do that" because I had to train all day, every day, and go to so many racing events. I missed multiple weddings and other big occasions, I hardly saw my family and lost contact with friends. (True and meaningful contact...Facebook doesn't count.) My original Wonderpup, Guinness, was adopted by my own parents when I started traveling overseas. He liked it there, and my very transient lifestyle wasn't compatible with having G-dog as my sidekick.

Anyway, the biggest news this year will see me bringing home a NEW PUPPY--me and the Sherpa are about to become parents to this cutie patootie!

Her name is Socks the Christmas Puppy. I love her already, but we won't get her for a few more weeks. I'm kinda scared how big she will be by then! Talk about Operation T-NET. She is about as new and exciting as it gets!

My sister has also signed up for a marathon in Alaska, and I am to coach her...the last time I coached her was for her first half marathon in 2007. She didn't listen, but hey, we finished!

She is the smaller one, by like 4 inches. I ate all her food when we were kids. She had a 20-month head start, but I caught up to her by the time I was 5 and she was 7. This photo is from when we were like 1 and 3...

Speaking of food, I'm also planning to go to IRONMAN LOUISVILLE!!! Not to compete, but to sherpa one of my best friends, Food Coach Amy, who will be racing. She has supported me at multiple IM events and I am excited to have the chance to watch and cheer at the top of my Chinese lungs for her this time!

She was actually here last week for her first time in the first state. I made sure to take her to all the exciting places Delaware had to offer...like the Giant grocery store, where you can scan your own groceries. Most exciting thing ever:

She also insisted on having to go to Wawa (I once wrote a pretty exciting blog about it). Then we made pepperoni and bacon "meatza" and a crapton of roasted veggies, because what's a visit from the Food Coach without making some delicious good-for-you food? And yes, I'm still eating mostly Paleo-ish.

Well, any and all of these topics can be further expounded upon, but that's a good dose o' 2012 Wongstar for y'alls, for now. Happy new year!

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  1. hey, you didn't lose touch with all your friends!! and i laughed really hard at "chinese lungs"