Wednesday, June 8, 2022

3 weeks post-op and 18 months postpartum

3 out of 4.5 weeks of blogging ain’t too bad for AAPI month blogging! Alas, it’s already June. It’s been pretty busy and I’ve recovered like a champ. Last week I hit 3 weeks post-op and 18 months postpartum already! I Norma-tec’ed pretty hard the first week, and haven’t worn any compression or knee sleeve since then. Only 10 days post-op I caught myself walking really fast down a back hallway at work and realized I should slow down because I had actually FORGOTTEN I just had a knee surgery! That’s how good it felt.

I had a follow-up 12 days post-op and was cleared to swim and bike indoors, and continue with physical therapy. I’ve been biking up to 30 minutes easy and my range of motion is about 95% there. Swimming has been tricky with weird pool hours at the university pool, so I just haven’t gotten in. But I saw my massage therapist last week, and she remarked that she’s worked with a lot of folks post-op knee surgery and I’ve recovered the fastest of anyone she’s ever seen!

We still do bottles sometimes, open cups and sippy cups.

Weaning also finally happened a few weeks ago! After I learned the connection that nursing had with ligament laxity and my knee injury, I gave us a goal date of early June and my little milk monster transitioned completely over to cow’s milk a few weeks early. I never thought we would breastfeed for 17.5 months, but I had very low expectations on as a lifelong member of the IBTC (IYKYK)!

Feeling this deflated pancake/pita analogy SO HARD 😂

Speaking of post-nursing boobs and postpartum bodies, as someone that really struggled with my weight when I was a pro triathlete (and in the years following), I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I’ve gotten pretty trim with pretty low effort. I understand every mom has a different experience with weight fluctuations during and after pregnancy and I’m certainly not trying to rub it into anyone’s face.

I’m actually a bit smaller than I was pre-pregnancy (and I had gained like 65lbs and was over 200 by the end of that). But who knows, this could be because I had been burning an extra 1000 calories a day feeding a milk monster, and I could very well start going the other direction again, haha! OR, I might just be super strong from this impromptu strength training lifting up my big toddler every day. It’s all to be determined. I am looking forward to recovering completely from the knee surgery and getting back into regular triathlon training again soon!