Monday, January 30, 2012

joining the coaching circus

Just like many triathletes I know (including many current and retired pros), I have decided to get in on the coaching side of things.

Exhibit A:

Right after my last blog post, we met the Christmas puppy at the tail end of my trip to the west coast, where she was hanging out in Las Vegas with the Sherpa's sister. We got our first very good looking family portrait together!

Then on Friday we picked her up from Newark, NJ, where she flew first class with tigers and orangutans. And baboons; let's not forget those. She is only 12 weeks old and already a delightful terror. I realized quickly that my new favorite type of puppy is a tired sleeping one...

Oh yes, and puppies that don't stink are another favorite... (yes that's Rocktape on my knee!)

So about the first video--Socks hasn't ever lived anywhere with staircases so I had to teach her to go down them. Going up was easy but she would get stuck upstairs! Lots of encouragement and treats required. I'm an awesome coach! haha. People have asked before why I didn't want to be a coach. It just never appealed to me. I'm happy to give random advice to those who ask, coach my sister through her first marathon, or give a very loose training plan to a friend doing his first 100km bike ride, but as a job? Nah.

Maybe because I don't want to deal with people like this:

(If I had any free time not taken up by having, oh a real life, I could totally come up with videos of "Sh*t the Wongstar Says" or "Sh*t Triathletes Say to the Wongstar.")

Heh heh. Anyway...BAZINGA! I'm totally not about to be a triathlon coach or anything. For now I'll be a puppy coach, but only for my little Socks.

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