Sunday, January 8, 2012

new musics for the new year

So when they first started putting music players on phones, I thought it was dumb and unnecessary. I mean, who would listen to music on their phone, when they could just listen to their ipod?

Then I started working a Big Girl job again, and now I'm on call about once a month, on the weekends. Which means, the emergency line gets forwarded to my cell phone, which is usually the local hospital calling to say they have a patient that needs a spinal brace or fracture boot.

So I was on call this weekend, and made sure to upload a new playlist so that I could go on a walk with music on and not miss a call. It stops the music for a couple seconds, and then the phone starts ringing. GENIUS. (And yes, I did have to field a call mid-workout yesterday.)

I figured I would share some of my new favorite songs. I'm really not sure who still reads this not-very-exciting blog of mine, I mean, I still have a steady influx of new followers on Twitter every week, which I don't really understand. I'm really quite a boring normal person now. ;) Anyway, here are some of my new favorite songs:

I linked to their YouTube videos, but haven't actually checked out all the links, so I shall not be held responsible if they lead you astray. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to get up before work and hit the gym...for like the first time since I was still swimming at the Y. Erm, at least 3 months ago? Stay tuned!

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