Wednesday, August 10, 2022

post-op progression following meniscus surgery

A timeline since knee surgery:

May 13, 2022: arthroscopic meniscectomy

Apparently only 10% was removed!
PT started pretty much immediately.

3 weeks to 4 weeks post-op: walked all around Denmark unrestricted*

homeland of LEGO

5 week post-op: first swim

not from the first pool swim, but first OWS

6 weeks post-op: first outdoor ride, an hour easy

also not my first ride,
but my girl loves her helmet

9 weeks post-op: started the run/walk protocol

actually from my first run :D

11 weeks post-op: matching strength in both quads

12 weeks post-op: first 50-mile outdoor ride!

Why have pictures of me on my bike
when we can have pictures of Ainsley on her bike?

*Yep, my last post in early June was actually written and posted during our Denmark trip, and my first post-op goal was to just be able to walk around and enjoy our 2-year postponed babymoon, which became our first child-free trip! (My mom came over to the East Coast very willingly to watch her.) That was also the ulterior motive for weaning by early June. I had some mild soreness after one of our longer days of walking around Copenhagen and only needed to ice one time. It was so nice to see my pal Carolina from our Dallas days (2006-2007). She was my Texas bestie as I was getting recruited onto teamTBB via many, many emails!

Since June, you can see I've made lots of progress. We've had some great family time while I'm also rebuilding my triathlon engine. I'm looking at doing a race in October! More details soon. I'm still following the run/walk protocol and I believe next week I get to try to run without so many walking breaks!

my two favorites at Rehoboth Beach