Monday, October 17, 2011

buy Wongstar stickers! help fix my knee!

Tomorrow I'm going back to Dr. Shiple's office at the Center for Sports Medicine for my first ultrasound-guided PRP injection. PRP stands for "platelet rich plasma" and he will basically take some of my blood, centrifuge it, then inject all the happy little platelets (which have magical healing properties) back into my knee. It's a pretty awesome new procedure that will help my ligament get put back together again, unlike Humpty Dumpty. It actually sorta kinda sounds like blood doping but I am making sure it gets cleared through WTC and USAT so I'm not busted for cheating. But that's how effective it is! Olympic athletes need to get a "therapeutic use exemption" thingy if they are getting these magical shots.

Here is an article that was just published last week in the NY Daily News about it: "Runners can turn to Platelet Rich Plasma injections for hamstring issues, but cost is a deterrent."

Oh yes. The downside is that since it is relatively new, there aren't enough published studies for most health insurance companies to cover it. Including excited as I was about having some big girl health insurance from the new big girl job, even mine is being a wet blanket. It will cost $900 per injection. (Cue all kinds of cringing!) Dr. Shiple says I will probably only need one or two. I'm totally crossing my fingers for just one, since I have extra magical superstar blood, and because all my money is going towards paying off my massive credit card debt. ("How much debt?" the nosy Momma Wongstar asked. "Too much!" was the Wongstar's reply.)

Sigh. So what to do?


I've been meaning to manufacture some cool Wongstar stickers to help promote myself as a superstar and perhaps sell them for a good cause. There are lots of good causes out there to fund raise for; I always wanted to help out some of those international prosthetics & orthotics organizations... Well, over the past 4 years, I've learned that the best way to help them out was not to send money, but to donate my own personal time and skills. Many patients in the Philippines, Thailand, and El Salvador all got some good Wongstar karma and smiles.

And now I'm a patient too...does that make me a good cause?

SO. For a mere $10, you will not only get TWO of the super awesome 2011 LIMITED EDITION Wongstar fan club stickers shown above (3 x 3 inches) will actually get to help my knee heal faster so I can get back to the business of being a triathlon superstar!

I will even throw in a personally autographed Haamonii postcard (while supplies last of course). $10 includes shipping. International fans may need to throw in an extra $1. I am hoping to have 100 fans take me up on this deal so that I'll have enough money for the cost of the injection after the printing expenses.

Stickers won't come in for another 2 weeks, in the meantime I will go ahead and setup a P.O. box (so stalkers can't find me) and configure the Paypal account. Or you can write a check if you are like Momma Wongstar. :) I am also happy to take bank transfers!

Who wants to buy a sticker???

Edit: after consulting with my art team and lawyers, the final sticker design has been updated with a smiley star (seen at the top of the post but not in the middle "preview" screenshot). So that A) I won't get sued by Nintendo and B) what is a Wongstar without a smile? :)


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