Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PRP post-needle pokage

Don't worry, I totally am wearing shorts in this photo! Or at least underwear. Definitely.

So this morning the bandaid on my knee came off and I realized why it hurt so much yesterday. There are at least 13 distinct jabs at the injury site. Jab! Jab! Jab! I knew the needle was big, but wasn't exactly sure HOW of course I Googled something like "PRP injection needle size" and learned it was anywhere from an 18- to 20-gauge needle.

Wait a second. Being a bit of a piercings and tattoo kinda girl (just a bit!!) those numbers sounded kinda familiar. 18- to 20-gauge is like the standard size for an eyebrow or nose piercing. Which is just very slightly smaller than a bellybutton piercing.

WHAT! Ok, I feel less like a wuss now. I didn't even take any painkillers today and won't be touching them again :) Because I'm totally not a pain wuss, and also (just as importantly) because you're not allowed to drink alcohol with the pills. ;)

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