Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kangaroo pull-ups.

Hooray! My kangaroo band pull-up helper arrived yesterday. Lucky for me, Food Coach Amy is also a super ripped Crossfit coach so she told me what a pull-up wimpling like me needed to get started on my off-season goal of 5 unassisted pull-ups before the next Ironman.

It's like a super thick rubberband that helps me kangaroo up to the pull-up bar. Feel free to laugh at my wimpiness all you want, but we all have to start off somewhere! Baby steps!

Being as observant as you are (or as my former teammate Scottie described, "the fans like to be all up your in business"), you probably noticed I've been blogging more. Most people blog a lot less when they are injured, but for whatever reason, the internal turmoil and stress from the past few months (or hell, the past YEAR), has finally quieted down. I know it might not even be until January that I can really start training again, and I'm okay with that.

I kind of feel like I'm repeating the month of July over--where I couldn't run or ride my bike outside--but I'm not going crazy or frantic or depressed. It just is what it is. I know what's wrong with my knee now, and I know it will get better. I'm not in a rush to get back into racing. I've taken all the pressure off myself, and shut out all the pressure I was feeling from all around me.

Don't even bother asking when my next race is. It's all TBD.

For now, I am working on my pull-ups. And my abs are really sore! BONUS!


  1. I am not very good at pull ups either. I used to be able to do four but now I am afraid to try. I saw this dude the gym doing backwards behind his head pull ups, like tonnes of them. He became my hero.

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