Sunday, October 16, 2011

MRI-ing and 5 off season goals!

Yesterday morning I had my first MRI. I made sure to shave my legs. It was really noisy, so they gave me earplugs and noise cancelling headphones that played a local radio station. There was an Abba song...Dancing Queen. But I wasn't allowed to move at all or the image would get all blurry.

They gave me a CD with all the images, but I'm not a radiologist so even with my O&P background I don't know exactly what or where I'm really looking for. I should get the official report sometime next week... But it IS rather cool seeing the insides of your bones and muscles!

I think I have a really great looking femur, don't you???

I was getting pretty bummed about my knee injury but Coach Beck told me to stay positive and focus on the things that I *can* do while my knee continues to get better. So here are 5 things I will do before I step on the starting line of my next Ironman. You heard it here first!

  1. Work on my two Halloween costumes...yes, the deadline is actually in just 2 weeks, and yes of course I have to have more than one outfit. I always make my own outfits, just like last year. There's Friday parties and Saturday parties...well and probably Sunday too. offfff season!!!!!!

  2. Focus on my nutrition plan. Keeping eating well and get leaner. It is actually easier to focus on this when you are training less, because you don't have to eat as much!

  3. Get out of credit card debt. I didn't open any credit card accounts until I went off to graduate school...and it only got worse during my 4 years on teamTBB, while "living the dream." (The true secret to losing weight at training camps? Not having enough money to buy groceries. I'm serious.)

  4. Keep growing the Wongstar brand. This means more blogging, and printing out fan club stickers I promised long long ago. You would buy a sticker, wouldn't you?

  5. FIVE PULL-UPS. Yes! Be able to do 5 unassisted pull-ups before my next Ironman!!! I've never been able to do any, and my swim coach friend Kiet once told me that all real swimmer girls can do them. Obviously I will swim way faster and have a six-pack if I can do pull-ups!

Yup, all 5 things that I can be excited about accomplishing. You probably noticed I didn't put down "work on my swimming" because that's a given...I'm ALWAYS working on my swimming! And if there is one race performance I can be really proud of this year, time-wise, it is the 1:02 swim I did in IM Korea before the sh!t totally hit the fan. If I can do it once, I can and WILL do it again.

Love you all! happy training or even more exciting, happy off-seasoning like me :)