Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week #5. Atlantic City preview

Mon 1/26. biked 1:00 easy on the trainer
Tues 1/27. nothing
Wed 1/28. nothing
Thurs 1/29. nothing
Fri 1/30. Ran 7 miles on the Boardwalk @ 8:30 pace
Sat 1/31. Ran 10.5 miles on the Boardwalk @8:30 down to 8:10 pace
Sun 2/1. nothing! stayed up too late (past 5am!) and later drove back to DC!

Totals: biked 1:00, ran 2:30 (17.5 miles) = a paltry 3:30 hours total

Oops, I missed a Sunday update. Two days late! It's been a bit crazy and probably will be for a few more weeks. More details soon. ;)

So last weekend we went to Atlantic City for one of Kevin's annual race car trips. (The other one is Labor Day weekend.) But really, I came to check out the Challenge Atlantic City race course! It was butt cold and windy, so of course no open water swimming or riding the bike course.

Friday wasn't too bad, temps in the mid-30's and I got my run on around sunset after we drove over and checked in. (Phone-free run, so no gorgeous sunset photos, sorry!) Saturday I actually looked at the course map and decided to go to both turnarounds. We were staying at Bally's which is near the finish line at Boardwalk Hall. Here I am at the Martindale Ave turnaround!

All the streets seem to be named after states and cities (state capitals?), and yes, it's just like playing the board game Monopoly (check out my first time in AC). It was also really freakin' chilly on Saturday, 28*F but "feels like 15*F" with the windchill. My phone actually froze shortly after I pulled it out for the above selfie; you know, when it shuts itself off for self-preservation. I'll be much happier running in weather that is above freezing in June!

Running on the boards seemed more forgiving than cement or pavement, but I was definitely feeling a little sore on Sunday. Maybe because I am currently hardly exercising, and back-to-back runs will do that to me??

Then it was off to Boardwalk Hall (where the triathlon finish line will be) for race car excitement!

These race cars are called TQ's = three-quarter midget cars. I even stayed up super late Saturday night/early Sunday morning until 5am! Pretty epic for me as I am known to fall asleep by 10:30pm whenever we go out to movies or sporting events. Teehee. All worth it to see this guy smile!

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