Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week #8. snow and work and packing

Mon 2/16. Easy bike 1:00. Flew home in the morning, still a little sore from the half marathon yesterday.

Tues 2/17. Snow day! packing and working

Wed 2/18. nothing

Thurs 2/19. nothing. Good-bye work happy hour!

Fri 2/20. nothing. Last day of work!

Sat 2/21. Big ass snowstorm #2! Snow shoveling and snowman building.

Sun 2/22. ran 5 miles easy on the treadmill = :45

Total hours: biked 1:00 and ran :45 (5 miles) = Less than 2 hours of training :( Does snow shoveling and snowman building count???

This was a weak sauce week. It was my last week of work at MCOP, which interestingly enough, got cut down to only 3 working days as Monday was a holiday and Tuesday we got a snow day. But with tying up all the loose ends at work and trying to pack up all our stuff at the condo, let's just call it a "recovery week" from the half marathon, eh?

So instead, you can have some snowman photos:

I admit I am not actually good at building snowmans. The snow was very light and fluffy and I've never been taught the proper way to build a large-size snowman. Kevin was too busy being all manly and shoveling out our cars to show me proper snowman-building technique. It looks so easy in cartoons!

And, also in lieu of training photos, you can have some gems that were unearthed during the packing/moving process:

I used to put up collages of my super fast Ironman champion teamTBB teammates (all the chicks, of course) on the wall for motivation. Along with my 2011 goal Ironman splits...still attainable, perhaps? On a fast course like Ironman Maryland?? Before I turn 35??? Hey, ya never know!

2011 was a difficult year. It was the last year I raced professionally. I was hoping to hit those goal splits by the end of the year, maybe at Ironman Cozumel, and instead here is the program for Ironman Korea, where I was a featured pro athlete:

I'm pretty sure I could've gotten top 5. The prize money? A whopping $1,000 for 5th! woohoo! On top of the appearance money (yeah, I got appearance money!) that they actually still gave me even though I didn't finish the race...

Anyway, let's not dwell on the past and work on moving forward. Literally moving! I am trying to get in some reasonable exercise this week while we continue to pack everything up. The U-Haul truck goes back to Delaware Saturday. The moving process always sucks but I'll be happy to get settled back into our next place and into a nice training groove...


  1. You got appearance money?! That's awesome! And, it's awesome they still gave it to you! (though it'd be sorta dick not to)

  2. Respect! Wish you all the best and just keep moving!