Friday, July 1, 2011

"This will be 21 for me."

So I did the swim course today and another guy got out after I did. We did some polite chatter...
Tri-guy: "Seems a far way out, doesn't it!"
Wongstar: [reassuringly] "It'll be much easier swimming with a bunch of other people."
Tri-guy: "So have you done this distance before?"
Wongstar: "Yeah...I have."
Tri-guy: "A few of them then?"
Wongstar: "Yeah...I've done a few of them. How about you? Is this your first?"
(Hey, he sounded like a newbie so I had to ask, right?)

Tri-guy: "Oh no. I've done a few of them too."
Wongstar: "Oh, ok."

Tri-guy: [all nonchalant-like] "Yep. This will be #11 for me."

Oh no he didn't. Well if he's gonna pull out the big numbers...

Wongstar: "oh? This will be #11 for you?
[dramatic pause...then even more nonchalantly...]
This will be #21 for me."

Tri-guy: [incredulous]

Yeah well don't play the numbers game with me if you can't hang, buddy. HEEHEEHEE

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