Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Being a working girl again

Last weekend I gave myself an advance on my first paycheck, because I had to get ready to be a working girl again. This involved getting a new haircut, blacking out the pink in my hair, and of course getting new work clothes. When I moved to Wilmington last year, I hadn't actually anticipated going back to work this soon, so I only had one pair of slacks (which I wore for my interview) and a couple of dress shirts. Shopping was obviously necessary! :D

I snapped a photo of my new hair while I was at the dressing room at Target post-haircut because it was looking good!

My eyes still look tired from jetlag!
Clearly my "advance" was still frugalicious as I went to Supercuts for a $16 cut, dyed the hair myself for under $4, and bought some sweet slacks at Target for $24.99 a pair (big spender, I paid full price on those pants!). It's a little weird to have all black hair again; I keep looking in the mirror and thinking "WHOA my hair is black!" Then I realized why it was extra strange--my hair has never really been jet black before, it is usually various shades of brown with the top/front even lighter from all the sun and chlorine I'm exposed to.

(For the record, nobody at work told me I had to dye the pink out of hair, it was my own decision. When you are working with older patients, sometimes they won't listen to you because you are their grandson's age, even with normal-colored hair. So having hot pink hair doesn't help patients take you seriously!)

I'm going home at the end of the month and will go through my stash there for more dress clothes...although I've also realized that I haven't had to dress up for work in over 4 years, when I was a resident at UT Southwestern in Dallas. At Gary's office, we usually wore scrubs and running shoes to work--every office is different. And 4 years ago I was more of a pants aren't gonna fit. I guess this means I need not feel guilty about new clothes shopping. heehee!

It is kind of fun actually to dress up for work again. I feel like a superhero with an alter ego. I am "Jocelyn Wong, MSPO, CPO," a mild-mannered prosthetist-orthotist by day...well 4 days a week, and 3 days a week I am THE WONGSTAR, international triathlon superstar. Or maybe it's the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana complex. LOL

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