Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 7-11 Day!

Did anyone else get their free 7.11-oz Slurpee today?

I got the red flavor! I smiled at the cashier and cheerfully wished him "Happy 7-11 Day!"

The sullen Indian boy glowered at me and remarked, "there's nothing happy about today." He obviously didn't know that the most famous triathlete in all of Delaware had just bought overpriced beef jerky from him. (Well, yes, I had to buy something! I can't be such a cheapo and just take a free Slurpee, now that I have a big girl job.) I guess my superstar charms don't work on everyone after all.

Fascinating 7-11 true stories from my worldly travels...did you know...:

  • 7-11's in Thailand have Thai iced tea, Thai iced coffee, and Thai iced GREEN MATCHA TEA in their fountain drink dispensers?
  • Also at Thai 7-11's, instead of having burgers on bread buns, the patties are sandwiched between two sticky rice "buns." Can you say "gluten-free"?! (They were awesome!)
  • In the Philippines, me and the Bean were revived and saved from heat exhaustion multiple times during our first two training camps by green apple-flavored Slurpees.
  • In mentioned in a previous blog somewhere else...the 7-11 by my race hotel was not open yet at 7am. (In case you didn't know, before they went 24hrs, 7-11 was open from 7am to 11pm.)
  • Also in Korea...and this might be even more blasphemous than not being open at 7am...THERE WERE NO SLURPEES. All me and Larry wanted after the race was to celebrate with some Haamonii in Slurpees. Dude, woulda been the BEST RECOVERY DRINK EVER!
I made it through my first day of work! Huzzah, everyone should celebrate with a Slurpee!


  1. In hawaii 7-11 sells the best Spam Musubi. Seriously, people go their to get them.

  2. wow SSB, I've never had Spam Musubi. or been to Hawaii. sign me up to do both with you one of these days :)

  3. Spam Musubi are awesome! You can get them in Southern California, but they're not as good as the ones in Hawaii.

    And if the 7-11 here sold Thai iced coffee, I'd never leave. I'm addicted to that stuff.

  4. Spam musubi rocks! As does spam and eggs and rice for breakfast. Trust me :-)

  5. I celebrate every work day, lol! With a huge diet coke from subway.