Thursday, February 23, 2012

a successful and productive day

A year ago, a successful and productive day would consist of 7 hours of training, eating "well" (which meant not much...), and capping off the day with a blog post.

The breakdown of the day would be:

  • morning snack (this and all my meals were made at home)
  • 90min swim (40x100m with paddles, pull buoy and band for 5km total)
  • breakfast
  • 4hr bike on a rolling course (with lunch en route in the form of training food)
  • 90min track workout straight off the bike (perhaps 21x800's)
  • post-workout snack
  • dinner
  • blogging
  • dessert
I'd give myself bonus points for hitting my swimming 100's and running 800's under specific times, and eating well under 4,000 calories.

Today I was pretty proud of myself for having a successful and productive day. It consisted of:
  • sleeping in until 6:45am (8 hours of sleep for once!)
  • feeding puppy breakfast and taking her for a 15min walk
  • showering, scarfing down breakfast while packing a lunch and getting into work clothes
  • 8am staff meeting at main office
  • 9am-12pm run to another office location to see patients, fitting custom ankle braces and evaluating new patients
  • 12pm-1pm grabbing some groceries at Trader Joe's, scarfing down lunch while driving home, dropping off groceries at home while taking puppy out and giving her a snack, and driving back to the main office
  • 1pm-5pm seeing the second half of my full day patient load while putting in work orders for new orthoses, ordering some parts we've run out of, and catching up on almost all patient chart notes
  • 5:30pm get home and have a pre-dinner snack, get changed and 
  • today's workout shall be walking the puppy to the local high school (while practicing heeling and sitting en route and back home, 20mins each way), then doing 8x100m sprints in the grass while wearing my Vibrams and racing against the puppy (I know, it's so Primal Blueprint that it's cliche)
  • 6:30pm make dinner for me and the Sherpa
  • throw in a load of laundry
  • give the stinky puppy a bath
  • and at the moment (9pm)....BLOGGING.

WOW. Damn right, I'm pretty proud of myself. These days it's been a while where I've gotten a solid 8hrs of sleep and had time to get groceries, do laundry, give the puppy a bath and 2 walks (with a workout thrown in!), and make dinner (and breakfast and lunch!) AND blogged all in the same day. While working 8 hours and not being really behind on patient notes. Even if I got in one or two of those other things, like slept 8 hours AND gotten groceries, or made dinner AND did laundry, or bathed the puppy AND blogged, on a workday I'd feel super accomplished. I'm giving myself a gold star today! Major bonus points since the grocery shopping part resulted in a nice chewy snack that keeps Socks occupied, and the combination of puppy exercise and obedience training and bath = tired less rambunctious puppy.

The next thing on my agenda for another successful and productive day would be updating this darn website. Lotsa outdated information, and even though threaded comments have fixed themselves (huzzah! I pledge to respond to each and ever comment from now on!), my stupid header fonts are in freakin' COMIC SANS. It's atrocious!


  1. Hooray for a successful day and gold stars! To me a successful day is one where I make dinner, get in a workout, shower, spend time with Rory, do a load of laundry, and get the house clean, without losing my cool or putting Rory year in front of the TV. Sometimes I just can't do all that though, and I just remind myself that I don't have a boss anymore, so I shouldn't feel like I HAVE to do any of that stuff.

    Anyway, I think being truly successful means defining your own success. I think that is what your are doing with your life, so you should toot your own horn and be proud of yourself. :)

    1. Thanks Nori! I still struggle with defining my own success, and not feeling like a failure. A product of being a middle child overachiever??? I laugh at how ordinary my life feels these days, but also have to remember how lonely I felt being a pro triathlete on my own...

      I shall continue to foot my own horn :)