Tuesday, December 21, 2021

2022 Race Thoughts

It's "new blog Tuesday" and Birth Story part 3 still needs some polishing up, so give me another week please. In the meantime, I didn't want to break my weekly blog streak (this will be 4 for 4!) so here's a quickie with a tentative race schedule for 2022!

I have a short attention span, so I've split up the year into 3 distinct blocks:

BLOCK #1: Pre-season

March 26. Inaugural First State Half Marathon. Newark, DE.
This route runs through my neighborhood. Like actually down my street. So it's a no-brainer and will encourage me back into double-digit runs!

BLOCK #2: Triathlon season!

May 15. Bear Sprint Triathlon, Lums Pond, Bear, DE. (15-minute drive)

July 9. Diamond in the Rough Sprint Triathlon, Perryville, MD. (30-minute drive)

August 21. North East Olympic Triathlon. North East, MD. (25-minute drive)

BLOCK #3: JFK 50 training block (kind of overlaps with triathlon season)

October 1. Waterman's Half???? Rock Hall, MD. (70-minute drive)

November 19. JFK 50-miler! Boonsboro, MD. (about 2 hours away)

Do you notice a pattern? I'm sticking to races that are pretty local, after learning it was a bit of a production traveling with the little one. And I like to race somewhat often (I am otherwise not motivated to train much), so backyard races it is. JFK 50 will be my huge focus race for the year, and accommodations are already booked!

I was even okay ending triathlon season in August...but I have this leftover Waterman's triathlon festival deferral from last year. I was supposed to do the Olympic...then switched to the sprint distance as I was not training much...then decided to defer since it would've been 3 weekends of traveling in a row and by then I was over it. I now have the option of which distance I want to do and thought...a half ironman would be great training for a 50-miler! HAHA! I actually have until RACE DAY to decide, so this is a big TO BE DETERMINED.

Anyone else got their race plans set for next year yet? Will I see you at one of these??

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