Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week #16 & 17: pre- and post-North Face

It would appear I'm a week behind in my updates, so I shall lump them together! These are the week leading up to the North Face trail marathon relay with my old MoCo Eagle peeps, and the week following, but not the actual race report itself. Way too much fun to cram all into one post!

Week #16:
Mon 4/13. ran :40 long hills, felt like crap :(
Tues 4/14. biked 1:00 moderately on trainer
Weds 4/15. swam :30 (25's fast) before work and ran 1:00 on trails after work--first local RWB run with Erin!

Thurs 4/16. rest day. must've felt pooped from my first double workout work day!
Fri 4/17. swam :45 (100's p/pb/b). second swim and actually felt decent, whoa!
Sat 4/18. ran 2:00 (14 miles). North Face relay! I actually ran the first two legs, first 6.5 @ 9min pace with Kerry, second 6.5 @ 7:24 pace solo, then a "bonus mile" at the end to help bring in our anchor, Chris. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS!!!)
Sun 4/19. biked 2:40 and had a glimmer of my old self. The legs just felt "right" for the first time in ages.

Totals: swam 1:15, biked 3:40, ran 3:40 = 8:35.

Notables for week #16:

  • I finally swam more than once! WHOOP WHOOP!
  • First double workout day on a work day!
  • The biking legs are DEFINITELY coming back. YAY!
  • First local RWB run! We are assembling like the Avengers! #EagleFire
  • Longest run, by far, since probably my Beach2Battleship half in October. (And that was only 13.1!)

Next up, week #17:
Mon 4/20. nothing! Nice rest day! (Longer work day too. Good balance.)
Tues 4/21. swam :40 before work, ran :40 after work with Erin from Team RWB again. Easy run by downtown/Brandywine creek.
Weds 4/22. biked 1:00 easy while catching up on Once Upon a Time in the morning, then dropped off the bike for new cockpit assembly at Trolley Bikes (the bike shop formerly known as the "TBB" in "teamTBB"). 
Thurs 4/23. swam :40... 15x100's p/pb/b. Picked up bike afterwards! My favorite bike mechanic, John, is the best! (Always bring him cookies or brownies if you want primo service!)
Fri 4/24. biked 1:30 HARD on the trainer--Sufferfest "Local Hero"
Sat 4/25. swam 1:30 with my old friends, the Tri-Dawgs. Epic and tiring...but recovered enough to get on the bike and ride 2:30. The legs felt pretty smashed, from that nice hard ride the previous day.

New base bar swapped out, felt great, now to figure out
how to make a more aerodynamic Hello Panda holster?
Sun 4/26. ran 1:30 on trails rather pathetically. The legs felt dead and I actually tripped twice, falling once. (I should just stop running trails for my own health and safety! I tripped during the North Face race on a very non-technical part too!)

Totals: swam 2:50 (WHOA), biked 5:00, ran 2:40 = 10:00 total. Nice!

Notables for week #17:
  • including, first "squad" swim in a very long time...and LONGEST swim in a very long time
  • first Sufferfest session on the trainer in a very long time
  • first 10-hour training week!
  • morning workouts on 4 out of 5 weekday mornings!
  • Actually started feeling like a REAL TRIATHLETE again last weekend! (I feel like Pinocchio saying "I'm a real boy!")

Yup, it's the end of April and after some speed bumps during our rough (and forever long) winter, including the move back to Delaware, I actually feel like I'm getting back in the groove of things. I haven't felt like a real triathlete in a while. Triathlon isn't everything but it sure makes me a happier and more balanced person--I am extra annoyingly cheerful at work on the mornings I get my training done! Kevin's work schedule has switched over to 7am shifts, so it's actually helpful for me to both be up and awake by 5:30.

Spoiler alert after the dead legs weekend, it's Tuesday right now and my run legs are feeling fantastic again. The lung thing I was/am feeling seems to coincide with spring allergies, so I'm monitoring that sensation for the time being. Next up will be a little marathon relay race report, and it's less than 5 weeks til Rock Hall Olympic, 9 weeks til Challenge AC half. 10+ hour weeks and 3 swims a week from here on out!

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