Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week #14: introducing Marty McFly, my TimeMachine TM01!

Mon. 3/29. biked :45 easy spin on trainer
Tues 3/30. ran 1:00 after work, in the rain, long hill repeats! BOOM!
Wed 4/1. biked 1:00 moderate on the trainer. After happy hour. ha!
Thur 4/2. swam :30 before work.
Fri 4/3. ran :45 on trails at Judge Morris Estate.
Sat 4/4. biked :30 outside, too windy, so ran 1:15 on trails at White Clay Creek
Sun 4/5. biked 2:15. 38-ish miles outdoors. YAY!

Totals: swam :30, biked 4:30, ran 3:00 (20 miles) = 8:00 total

Hooray! This was the week, I got in a little bit of training each day and hit my minimum 8 hours. I'm trying to build up to 10 hours per week (and perhaps a whopping 12 when I get more half-IM-specific) and still need to add another swim or two. DON'T BREAK THE STREAK!

Notable this week was that the weather was finally nice enough to ride the bike outside (over 55*F for this California girl). Not just any bike, the new bike!!!

I actually got my BMC timemachine TM01 last November for a birthday/Christmas/wedding combo at the bike shop formerly known as The Bike Boutique (now Trolley Bikes in Trolley Square). It was actually snowing that day. Then, it would snow on and off for several months... (ARGHHHH...)

Of course, I had to try it out right away! The cold ninja photo above is from November, when it was still butt cold. I layered it up, but my hands and feet still froze and I only lasted an hour outside.

So me and Marty McFly (because...time machine! get it?!) have been getting acquainted on the trainer. Which we all know is great, but not the same as real world outdoor conditions. I attempted to go for my long ride yesterday, but it was a blustery day to begin with, and by the time I located where my helmet had been packed away and figured out what route I wanted to ride, the winds were gusting at nearly 30mph.

I had picked a hilly route and was getting blown into traffic. Too much to handle! I actually didn't feel safe being on a brand new bike, as my position still needs tweaking so I can be more comfortable with handling it in the wind and hills. Add the cars to the mix and I was doing the death grip (I still have some bike-related PTSD from that run-in I had with a minivan in Korea years ago, one of the reasons I'm not always up for group rides). I cut my losses, went back home and did my long run instead. Better to be safe than sorry! (I did in fact crash on a group ride the first time I ever rode my first tri bike and Cervelo back in 2007...)

Today was a sunnier and less windy day. Plus everyone was at church for Easter, and I decided to go south to Lum's Pond instead, which is flatter. (Happy Easter!) I am definitely working different muscles with wind resistance and inclines!

I've had several workouts this week where I felt horribly out of shape, like "does this get any easier yet?" Or "why does easy pace not feel easy?" Too many! But at least I'm finally starting to get some consistency and habit back.

8 more weeks until Rock Hall International, so the fitness should come back by then! Any day now, please!

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