Monday, April 13, 2015

Week #15: Bike legs returning, running lungs not so much

Mon 4/6. biked 1:00. ez spin on trainer after work
Tues 4/7. swam :45
Wed 4/8. off
Thurs 4/9. ran :45 trails! Nixon park in Kennett Square
Fri 4/10. biked :45. ez spin on trainer after work
Sat 4/11. ran 1:15 trails!
Sun 4/12.  biked 2:45. loop around Lum's Pond & Veterans memorial cemetery

Totals: swam :45, biked 4:30, ran 2:00 (14 miles) = 7:15.

I tried to do more this week, while juggling a 2-day work seminar on Thursday & Friday. Alas, it was not to happen as I BROKE THE STREAK (NO!!!) on Wednesday, staying late to get my work done before the seminar days. But I jumped right back on the horse, finding a park to run trails in while driving home from the first day of our workshop on Thursday.

Yup--trails, trails, trails! I will be meeting up with my old MoCo RWB Eagles to do the North Face Endurance Challenge marathon relay this weekend, just outside of DC. It's all on trails and will be our first time back in the DC area since we moved. So! It should be a good time. My running lungs don't seem to be responding well to my training though. I'm getting some flashbacks to the summer I had costochondritis and feeling apprehensive and annoyed at myself. (Because it means I let myself get out of shape and being an inconsistent athlete caused it. Argh.) We shall be semi-conservative with running, as it is a self-limiting condition anyway, but we have 7 weeks to go until Rock Hall!

On the bright side, my second outdoor bike ride of the year went fairly well. I've finally dialed in my ISM saddle and found the sweet spot on Marty McFly. Yay! Do you know how awesome it feels when your girl bits are happy on a long ride?? Now I just need to get the American Flag one...

The cockpit still needs some adjusting (I'm hating the basebar that came stock with the bike), but that should be fairly easy. The plan is to spend more time in the saddle...and well, the pool (I'll go twice this week! that's the plan!!), and that way I'll be less tired starting the run. The running fitness can come later.

Stay tuned for more exciting shenanigans! (Because this update wasn't THAT exciting...)

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