Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week #2. First snow!

Mon 1/5. Biked 1hr on the trainer
Tues 1/6. SNOW DAY! Ran 7.2 miles on the treadmill.
Weds 1/7. BUTT COLD! Biked 1hr on the trainer
Thurs 1/8. Slept in... rest day
Fri 1/9. Slept in...itching to run after work, but happy hour instead :)
Sat 1/10. Biked 75mins on the trainer
Sun 1/11. Ran 10 miles @10min pace in the snow

Total hours: biked 3:15; ran 2:45 (17.2 miles); TOTAL 6:00

I made it through the first full week of 2015! Hooray! Some milestones:

  • Worked out 4 days in a row (if you include the Sunday before)
  • Worked out 5 out of 7 days, for at least an hour each!
  • First treadmill run in a while, it's mental more than anything
  • First run with the GPS watch in a while
On the downside...I think the only day I worked out first thing in the morning was Monday. The rest of the week I couldn't get up early. There's something to be said for less daylight and Mother Nature wanting you to sleep in and get fat during winter. :) Who I am to argue against human nature??

I also hadn't run with the GPS watch in a while (I avoid it because I don't like to see how slow I'm going, but hey, time to face reality and get my butt in gear). My plan was to hold 9-min miles for my long run, but when I realized how snowy it was (see photo above! interspersed with hopscotching between patches of ice), I changed to a trail running mentality. You know, "don't worry about speed, just don't slip and fall!"

My first snow angel ever, last Tuesday
In the meantime, I had promised to write up some 2015 triathlon goals:
  • Better work/life(triathlon) balance 
  • Update this blog every Sunday! (2 for 2 so far!)
  • PR in the half ironman! I even wrote down my goal splits on Post-Its...

The first one is a bit abstract, I know. As for the PR goal, I'm trying to take over 5 minutes off my PR. My splits are all attainable, it will be a matter of getting some consistent training in (see work/life balance...) and nailing the long sessions. I'm building that endurance back up! My first workout over 90mins today in the cold and snow really wore me out. I'm POOPED!

This coming week, I need to hit the swimming pool at least ONCE...

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