Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello, 2015! Week #1.

So I had seen Facebook friends posting up this "Run 2,015 miles in 2015!" Challenge, and was intrigued, although not intrigued enough when I realized this meant running almost 39 miles per week. 39 miles per week is really not that much (elite marathoners are always shooting for that magical 100 miles per week, or more), but this would be every single week, even when I want to sit on my fat butt when it's winter and snuggle up in my fleece penguin PJ pants. I also remembered that one week, last year, when I thought I'd be a marathon runner and ran every single day for a whopping 46.8 miles, only to realize (yet again) that my body was happier with mixing it up as a triathlete.

So. There was also a "partner up!" option, and who do I always call when there is a partner in crime needed in the endurance world? Yes, Amy F-ing Chow, as we know her, my fearless maid of honor. We only need to each run 19.4 miles per week, and I did a whopping 7-mile run today... for this week ending today... for a total of 7 miles for the week. (No, I didn't bike or swim either. What a turd!)

Of course, Amy is an overachiever and already did 18.75 miles in 4 days. Good thing I have her to pick up the slack! Anyway, we aren't doing it for the medal or t-shirt, since we have plenty of those, and we are keeping each other accountable. So we're not going to pony up $25 each just to "register" for this virtual event.

Instead, I'm actually going to run with my GPS watch more, which always makes me go faster because it shames me into realizing how slow I run when nobody's watching. And I will actually recap my training miles each Sunday on this blog. Because, why not. I never used to put my training logs online because I thought it was the most boring thing ever (we all know the bloggers that do), but then I realized I am not good at logging my training anywhere (not even the hand-drawn calendars I like to make). So if I just pop it on the interwebs each Sunday, at least it will force me to document it somewhere, anywhere, before it disappears out of my head. And I know there are you voyeurs out there who still stalk me and wonder "What kind of training does the Wongstar actually do these days?"

So here's Week #1:

Thurs 1/1. nothing! Happy new year!
Fri 1/2. nothing! Happy new year!
Sat 1/3. nothing! Happy new year!
Sun 1/4. ran 7 miles. 1-hour-ish

For the blog fans, this will also force me to update my blog much more often. Only 18 entries for 2014, how pathetic! And you know I have trouble just writing down a mini entry. I'm an over-sharer!

In other news, wow, teamTBB has officially shut down after about 8 years. (See Post by teamTBB on Facebook.) I'm so happy I got the opportunity to travel the world, get fast enough to race as a pro on the Ironman circuit, and see how prosthetics were made (and even help make them!) in Thailand and the Philippines. I've been reassured by our team manager, Alex, that the Wongstar teamTBB blog shall live on in cyberspace!

Well that's enough for a week #1 update! I wanted to get into my 2015 goals and race schedule, but that's enough fodder for next week's update. HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2015 be your best year ever. :)

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