Monday, April 25, 2022

A catastrophic California sneeze

I took Ainsley on her first trip to California and we just got back last week. It was also my first trip home in over 2 years. I was last there the Christmas before the pandemic, got pregnant at the start of the pandemic and here we are 2 years later!

She did GREAT on the flights!

We did all the things you should do on vacation in CA, including but not limited to:

  • meeting allll the family and friends
All 3 grandkids together at last!

High school running teammates
& our kiddos

With my childhood BFF (ignore that Ainsley
is chomping on a FLIP FLOP) prior to
watching Everything Everywhere All At Once

  • eating alllllll the great food (authentic Asian cuisine and fresh local berries. Strawberries and Thai food are my faves)

Local strawberries within hours of landing

  • handing the toddler off to family so I could go on some long runs along the California coast

Unfortunately, make that ONE long run, singular and not plural. I was enjoying a mid-week run from my childhood home in Pacifica (we moved there in 5th grade, 1990-ish) to the Cliff House (high school senior year 17th birthday dinner in 1998) and Sutro Baths (engagement pictures with Kevin in 2014).

I passed my old stomping grounds, such as Lake Merced (high school summer cross country practice, where I first fell in love with running), and the Great Highway--which I was astonished was closed!

The southbound lane was completely closed due to sand erosion and apparently the northbound lane is closed on the weekends. It was kind of eerie, like zombie apocalypse time.

2022 selfie shot for Kevin

2014 engagement photo site

Of course I sent photos and selfies to Kevin along the way, since he couldn't make it out to CA this time around. I hit up Sutro Baths right at mile 10 and turned around to close out my 20-miler. I’ve had my eye on a trail 50k at the end of May when suddenly...


Right around mile 14, I was getting off the Great Highway back onto Skyline and suddenly sneezed while running downhill. I planted my foot weirdly and felt my knee get tweaked. I immediately felt REALLY BAD pain on the medial side of my knee and could barely walk. I know my body pretty darn well (and also work with orthopedic injuries) and knew right away that I EFFED IT UP.

It was bad enough I had to do a "dial-a-mom". She was not unfamiliar with the process, as she has had decades of experience being mom to a crazy endurance athlete. One time I hit a rock during a long solo bike ride to Pt Reyes Station and she had to pick me up at a random fire station (a 2-hour drive away). 

These two were happy to come
pick me up from my shortened long run

So, a week after that incident, I just saw my orthopedic surgeon last week who confirmed what I suspected—MCL strain and possible medial meniscus tear. My MRI is scheduled today, so this is TO BE CONTINUED... 

In the meantime, more family photos…my heart is full but my knee is hurting:

Her face when meeting MOST new strangers
(who just wanted to hug and snuggle her!)

A little suspicious but open to sharing snacks

LOVED playing dress-up with her cousin Cara

Finally met my brother!

Warming up to my sister

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