Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fanmail Love

Dear faithful Wongstar fans,

I feel like a COMPLETE IDIOT. I used to have an "email submission form" on one of my old official websites, where the messages (fanmail!) were forwarded directly to my regular email. When I switched over to Blogger/Blogspot after leaving TeamTBB, I was like hey! Let's just set up an official "Wongstar email" and have a cool email address. "thewongstar(at)" was available!

Imagine my surprise this morning when after years of wondering "Why don't I ever get fanmail any more?" I finally checked this "new" email account. I was pretty sure I had set it up to forward to my regular email address.


89 new messages, dating back to 2011...well wishes from "long-time" fans after my car accident in Korea, and subsequent retirement from the pro ranks. Supportive emails after the break-up with the ex-boyfriend. Peeps from the DC area and prosthetics field. Sponsorship offers and interview requests?! Even a sweet email from my grumpy old triathlon coach and his new ventures.

Of course there are also the SEO ads, foreign cycling race promotions and other spam. But my heart just SWELLED hugely going through all these nice letters from complete strangers and friends I had briefly met during my racing career!

I am trying to respond to everybody...if you had the time to email me, I will make the time to write you back. Just a little more patience! THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE!!!

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