Saturday, August 11, 2012

building up momentum

2 weeks to go! and I almost feel I jinxed myself from my last post, as a string of various events lead to going the wrong direction in terms of building up my training. Ha! an 11-hour week followed by a pathetic 4-hour week! Oops. Then I was starting to feel sick, then this, then that...then...lame, lame, lame. So many excuses.

But never fear...I sent my favorite mentor, the incredible Beck, an SOS and with 3 weeks to go, she set my head back straight.

Made me realize and appreciate the power of momentum:
a body at rest stays at rest.
a body in motion stays in motion.

Beck gave me the push I needed to get the momentum back. She's the best.
    It is totally ok to ask for help sometimes! Thanks Beck!

I am now essentially cramming for Ironman. 2 weeks to go, is it taper time yet? Not for me. You can't taper if you've barely trained. I am on Ironman Cramming Lockdown. I'm even limiting my Facebook time. Although ironically I probably will "share" this link on FB...but I did remove the FB app from my phone and have banned myself from going on FB except maybe a bit on the weekend. It's a timesuck!

Then there's the ecstasy and the agony of the Olympics. Which cuts into my sleep. And recovery is important!! I've been mesmerized by the synchronized swimming and TEAM RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS?! I didn't even know they had that!! Watching the rowers makes me think I want to take it up again after my little stint in grad school, and triathlon was awesome to have my ex-TBB teammates racing (go Manny!) and WINNING (Nicola!). (Oh, then of course having my ex-teammates duke out the top 3 women at Ironman NYC today was pretty crazy too.) Watching race walking kind of confirmed that it's not quite for me.

As for track and field, now that has always been my absolute favorite, my first love. I feel so gutted for Morgan Uceny in the 5km and Lolo Jones in the 100m hurdles. Those hurdler chicks have the best abs, btw. And OSCAR PISTORIUS. WOW.
    I've been a fan for a long time, and happy he has many more fans now. All the girls at work are in love with him! is great to feel motivated through others but it also feels good to be in a hard training routine. My plan is to do the best I can on what training I can get through. The end is near, and then I can have KFC and bourbon, and an ice cream cake.

Just gotta focus, keep the momentum, and stay in lockdown mode!


  1. I was super impressed with the rowing as well, and thought I wouldn't mind having a go. I'm kind of happy the olympics are finishing, because they are proving to be a big source of procrastination for me- lucky it only happens every 4 years :)

  2. So how fast do you find your fitness coming back?