Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gaston, you've got to pull yourself together!

Theme song of this post is courtesy of Disney's Beauty and the Beast:

"Gosh it disturbs me to see you Gaston, looking so down in the dumps..."

My moping and coping mechanisms as of late have involved eating bad things (Reese's McFlurries are a favorite) and shopping on Amazon. Now that I don't swim any more, the swimsuit fund goes to cute dresses. I even splurged on a $98 dress. WHOA NOW. But it was so cute, and I have at least 3 weddings to attend this summer, and my size was THE LAST ONE IN STOCK! I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! "Only 1 left in stock--order soon!" it pleaded at me. And heck, it was originally $245. Click. Purchased!

Super cute, right?! Well, that will be the last of the shopping binge. I had already bought 3 other dresses, a little rainbow Hurley backpack, and a Speed Racer "mighty wallet."

"Gaston, you've got to pull yourself together!"

So, I am actively on the road to pulling myself back together. I know life is really not that bad. I've got a delightful little Christmas puppy, a Sherpa who has always been supportive and understanding of whatever I want to do, a cool job and cool bosses and coworkers. I am also demonstrating significant improvement in race walking, and physical therapy on the bum knee is going really well. I just need to shake myself out of this funk; give it some time to run its course but at the same time try to make it pass as quickly as I can.

So the moping and coping mechanisms need to transition from destructive behaviors (by that I mean, destructive to the waistline or the wallet) to more productive behaviors. I am banning myself from buying anything unnecessary for the next month or two. I'm taking Socks to the dog park to give us both some endorphins and sunshine. Blogging out my thoughts to get me through this little speedbump.

"Every guy here'd like to be you, Gaston, even when taking your lumps."

Yesterday, I got another haircut from Steven's Magic Hairbrush (he's the Korean barber who works in the same building as us--Asians know Asian hair!), because new haircuts are good for new beginnings. I think he snipped off the last of the bleached areas that once contained crazy color highlights.

"There's no one in town as admired by you, you're everyone's favorite guy."

I also finally finished my taxes. I started them in January but freaked out and completely procrastinated, as my untaxed freelance writing income meant I owed the IRS big bucks. Mr. Miyagi assured me that I was allowed to have a business that lost money for 3 years in a row, so I was able to offset that income with my huge net loss from the business of being a pro triathlete. I had the intent to make a profit, and circumstances out of my control put a damper on this (i.e. races getting cancelled and minivans staying out of my way). Suddenly a big refund looks like it will be taking care of the aforementioned Amazon shopping binge, and things are starting to look up!

"Everyone's awed and inspired by you, and it's not very hard to see why..."

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