Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Healing the Children 2011, Day 3 update!

Our third day of work and it's crazy! I've been waking up at 4:30am each morning to get in my training at the hotel gym, and then it's breakfast buffet (nom nom nom) and off on the bus to the military hospital.

Starting on Sunday, we've been crazy swamped with patients. I'm lucky that Derek, who is in school to be a technician, is also on this trip so I get my very own assistant! Only 3 days and we've seen and treated over 60 orthotic cases, just the two of us. Sunday and Monday we worked 12+ hour days, not getting back to the hotel until 8pm...yesterday I only had one bathroom break in 12 hours. Today was better in that we got home at 7pm...and I got TWO bathroom breaks.

But we are getting to help out tons of kids and really make a difference, so it's all worth it! I am totally using my MacGyver skills and absolutely loving it. The girl above got a shoe lift, just like the Travel Sponsor. And the smiles and hugs we get from these kids is just priceless!

More soon! I better go to bed so I can get in at least...5 hrs of sleep. Hmmm. Sleep is for the weak!

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