Monday, August 22, 2011

Relationship Building at Ikea

Some of my more popular blogs in the past have been the dating blogs as it was always fun to write about really awful or strange first date encounters. It's been a while since I've gone on first dates, as I managed to snag my sherpa and trick him into putting up with me.

It is not really a good idea to blog about boys you are dating until you know they want to keep you, so I had instituted a provisional anti-blogging period. It is like when teeny boppers get a driver's license: they first get a provisional one until they are deemed fit to drive with all the other crazies (like Asian women, ahaha). You don't want to scare off a potential sherpa by blogging about him, it is not Kosher.

Well, I figured the provisional period is over now since we are in the process of moving in together. WHOAAAAA, yes!

some of my favorite things: the sherpa, chocolate cake, and meatballs

So this weekend we underwent the Ikea Relationship Test. The Sherpa thinks the Ikea Test is the ability to build something together without yelling at each other. He didn't realize I was also testing our ability to pick furniture together, and of course there is also the Meatball Test.

He passed the Meatball Test with flying colors, which is that you can't take a girl to Ikea and not eat Swedish meatballs with her, unless you don't really like her. On that same note, he also passed the Chocolate Cake Test.

Then he also passed my Furniture Picking Test. We both needed new dressers, and I picked one I really liked pretty quickly. He liked a few other ones but in the end decided on the one that matched mine. Because when building a future together, the boy should always go with what the girl wants.

ta-da! One finished!

When we got home, I passed his Furniture Building Test. This one was easy for me because I have mad MacGyver skills and build things for a living. We both like Legos so that helps because Ikea is like Legos for grown-ups. And I know better than to show off my building skills too much because you don't want your sherpa to feel less manly or anything.

He also passed the Wongstar Pun Test. If you noticed, our dressers are named "Hopen." Here is our little exchange we had before we started building...

Wongstar: "I'm HOPEN that we can build this together properly!"
Sherpa: "I'm HOPEN that you don't make any more jokes like that!"

Yes, we get along quite well.


  1. Awesome. Congrats on the dresser and the boyfriend who got the joke.

  2. see i said you two were meant for eachother.